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Austin, TX is a hot city. No one can argue with this. There is one thing that no one wants and that is getting into their car and the air not working! McSpadden's Tire and Automotive understands this. We live here too! We offer A/C repair for your vehicle. We can troubleshoot and figure out exactly what the problem is.

Your radiator and cooling system are very important when it comes to making sure your car is working right. We offer cooling system flushes as well as repair to the whole cooling and air system. Your cooling system needs to be flushed and should be a part of your regular car maintenance. We can flush your system and check to ensure that your hoses are all in working order.

During the winter it is important to check your coolant on a regular basis. McSpadden's Tire and Automotive will fill up your coolant and check your antifreeze levels so you are prepared with Austin begins to get a little cooler. We will also check all parts of your radiator and belts, this way you will be prepared for what needs to be fixed now and what to anticipate for in the future. Start your winter off right!

Austin has some strange weather and it is good to know what is going on in your car. Before each season change, it is a great idea to bring your vehicle in. McSpadden's Tire and Automotive will look over and inspect all important parts and make sure your car is in peak performance for the summer or the winter. Give us a call or make an appointment online for one of our expert technicians to help you!