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At McSpadden’s Tire & Automotive in Buda and Austin, Texas, we are here to help with any battery repair or service that your vehicle may need. We proudly work on both domestic and import vehicles, along with diesel engine trucks. 

Whether you get stuck with a dead battery or your electrical components aren’t working correctly, the ASE-certified mechanics at our shop are here to assist.

When you need a car battery replacement, the best battery for your vehicle is one that is made with high-quality components and installed by a professional technician. At McSpadden’s Tire & Automotive, our ASE-certified auto mechanics only use the best batteries from top manufacturers such as ACDelco.

Local Experts You Can Count on for All of Your Battery Needs

We know that a dead battery can be a nuisance. That is why we do everything we can to help get you back on the road as soon as possible. 

The typical life of a battery is between three and five years, depending on the brand and type. Of course, like most parts of a vehicle, the life of your battery will depend on how you treat it. The hot summer months we experience here in Texas can also sometimes reduce the life of a car battery.

If a car won’t start at all, the cause can be a dead battery. However, there may be other causes, too. This is why the experts at our shop will both test your vehicle’s battery for charge and inspect the starting and charging systems to pinpoint the issue.

McSpadden’s Tire & Automotive offers a variety of services to meet all your auto battery needs, including:

  • Free battery check. If you think your battery is starting to fail, or if you are having trouble starting your vehicle, we can perform a quick battery check. Our technicians can measure your battery’s output using a multimeter and compare the current charge to the manufacturer’s recommended specifications for your vehicle.
  • Battery maintenance. Our Texas weather can do a number on your vehicle’s battery. To help extend its life, we can perform ongoing maintenance, including cleaning the battery terminals and applying an anti-corrosion protectant.
  • Battery replacement. If your vehicle’s battery is dead on arrival, we can take out the old one, properly dispose of it, and replace it with a new, high-quality battery. This service is typically very quick from start to finish and can usually be completed in just 20 to 30 minutes.

The Role Your Battery Plays

Your battery is one of the most critical components of the vehicle. It is truly the powerhouse that runs almost everything. For most vehicle batteries, the chemical reaction from the lead and acid is what allows the whole operation to work. 

To put it simply, when you start your vehicle, a cycle is initiated that helps to power your vehicle and ensure that it stays running. This cycle all begins with your battery.

Almost all vehicle batteries are labeled by the manufacturer as “SLI,” which means “starting, lighting, and ignition.” The battery supplies electricity to help power your engine, lights, and various accessories, such as the stereo or phone chargers. 

So, the two main functions your car battery performs are providing the necessary energy for ignition and powering crucial engine components while you are driving the vehicle. Let’s break down those two functions more.

Your Battery Powers the Starter

Your vehicle’s starter is located inside the engine and is a small electric motor with a solenoid attached. This solenoid is the conduit between the starter and the battery, allowing the starter to receive power from your battery. When you turn your key or press the ignition button, the starter receives a jolt of electrical energy from the battery and converts it into the mechanical energy used to crank the engine.

To work, your vehicle’s battery must have enough of a charge to be able to initiate the charger. So, if your battery dies, you will probably hear a rapid clicking noise. This is the starter trying to kick on but not having enough voltage.

Your Battery Powers Crucial Engine Components

After your starter helps crank the engine, your engine will power up your alternator. The alternator is then what recharges your battery as it converts the mechanical energy generated by the engine. The battery stores this energy and later converts it back to electrical energy through the chemical reaction mentioned above. This electrical energy then goes back to the starter and powers your vehicle’s lights and other components. 

If your car battery no longer has sufficient power to properly perform its critical responsibilities, it is time to install a new one

Compared to being stranded with a dead battery, it’s a lot easier to have the expert technicians at McSpadden’s Tire & Automotive perform a free battery check alongside your vehicle’s preventative maintenance. Including your battery and its connections in your preventative maintenance routine is so important because of the crucial role it plays.

Our team can help ensure that you have the best battery for your vehicle and that your battery remains in the best condition needed to keep you on the road. 

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Indicators That Your Car Battery May Be Dying

A dying battery will usually show certain symptoms that you can watch out for. Knowing what these are can help you catch the problem early before it leaves you stranded with a vehicle that won’t start.

The signs of a dying battery include:

  • The engine is slow to start.
  • The headlights are extremely dim.
  • Your power windows or locks are not working.
  • Your radio or stereo is not working properly.
  • One or more dashboard warning lights are illuminated.
  • There is a buildup of corrosion on the battery terminals.
  • A sulfuric “rotten egg or burning rubber smell is coming from the battery.


As soon as you notice any of the above symptoms, it is important to get your car into one of our locations here at McSpadden’s Tire & Automotive for an inspectionbefore you get stuck without a working vehicle. Most of the indicators above point to a dying battery, but sometimes there is a problem with your vehicle’s charging system (e.g., the alternator).

When you bring your vehicle in, we will determine the exact cause of the problem and share with you our recommendations for what repairs are needed.

Most Common Ways Car Batteries Are Drained

Over time, your battery will gradually lose its ability to properly hold a charge. Usually, a battery will last between three and four years, but there are a few things that can shorten the lifespan of your vehicle’s battery.

Some of the things that affect how long a battery stays properly charged include:

  • Local climate. A hot climate, like we sometimes experience here in the Austin area, will put extra stress on a car battery. This is because most batteries rely on an iron-based electrolyte solution to hold the charge, and this solution is largely affected by hot (and extremely cold) temperatures. In very warm temperatures, the battery’s electrolyte solution can start to evaporate, while in extreme cold it can’t transfer the full amount of power as efficiently.
  • Lights left on. Once you turn your vehicle off, the alternator is no longer charging the battery. So, if you accidentally leave headlights or interior lights on, the only power source they will pull from is the battery itself, which can significantly drain your battery. 
  • Accessories left plugged in. Leaving any vehicle accessories still plugged in after the vehicle has been turned off can still pull power and drain your battery.

Simply remembering to make sure that all lights are turned off and accessories are unplugged before exiting your vehicle can help ensure that you get the full life out of your car battery. 


Other preventative maintenance actions such as cleaning the terminals, replacing old battery washers, and applying silicone dielectric grease to the battery terminals can all help protect your battery in harsh climates like those Texas sometimes experiences

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