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What are the Most Important Vehicle Maintenance Items?

We know that car maintenance can be tricky for a lot of vehicle owners, especially when you realize just how many systems are in your vehicle that needs to be taken care of. It can be a bit overwhelming to try to understand when your vehicle needs all these items taken care of, but the reality is proper vehicle maintenance can save you thousands over the years.  If you're unsure of how often your vehicle requires maintenance, a key source for this information is your car's owner's manual. Here, you will find your vehicle's manufacturer recommendations, which is the most accurate source for your individual vehicle.  Here are some of the most important car maintenance services that should never be missed for your vehicle: 1. Oil Change All vehicle owners are familiar with their regular oil change. Although it may seem like a small routine service, oil changes have a huge effect on the overall health of your vehicle. They are important for keeping your engine ... read more