How Often Should I Have My Brake Pads Replaced

Replacing your brake pads and making sure they are in good working condition will save you money, your vehicle and eventually save your life. Brake pads, brake caliper, and rotor are the main components of your car's braking system that need well-maintenance.

Eventually, brake pads will wear out but how often they wear depends on factors like driving habits, environment, brake pad hardness, and materials used to make up the brake pad. But how do you tell if it's time to replace your brake pads? Here are warning signs indicating that you need new pads.


Screeching or Squealing Noises

When you notice squealing or screeching noise every time you hit the brakes, it is a sign your brake pads need replacement. If you don't replace them early enough, you will experience a grinding or screeching noise. Some brake pads have metal wear indicators that make grinding noises to alert you to replace the pads. Please don't rely on the sound alone to assess the condition of your brake. Sometimes when brakes are exposed to wet conditions, they may exhibit similar sounds when braking. Make sure our brake specialist inspects your car.


Vibrations when Applying Brakes

When you notice vibrations when braking, replace the pads as soon as possible, it could be the rotors are warped, making the braking jittery due to uneven brake pad wear.


Indicator Lights

Some cars have brake warning lights on the dashboard that signal your brake pads need replacement. Check if your car is fitted with a low-pad indicator system. If you notice a brake warning light, it's time to have our specialist inspect your car's braking system and diagnose the issues.


Thin Brake Pads

One of the easiest ways to inspect your brake pads for wear is to check their thickness. This may require removing wheels to look down on the caliper holding the brake. If the friction material on the pads is less than a quarter-inch, you are due for new brake pads.


Taking Longer to Stop

If your brakes are not performing as required, it's time to inspect your brake pads. Maybe the pads are completely worn out, or your brake fluid is low. But for the proper diagnosis of the problem, you will need a brake mechanic as soon as possible before all braking abilities are lost.


If you are experiencing any of the brake issues above, make sure to stop by our service center. For affordable and top-rated brake repair services, bring your vehicle to McSpadden's Tire & Automotive today.