Is it Time for A Wheel Alignment? 3 Ways to Tell

Your vehicle has a language of its own, and it can alert you when there's a problem. Unusual smells, weird noises, and shaking aren't great signs. Staying alert and vigilant can help you act on potential issues before they become costly repairs. Tire alignment can fly under the radar for most drivers. No one typically thinks of their alignment until the performance has been affected. If your wheels are poorly aligned, you'll notice a major hit to your vehicle's gas mileage and drivability. Wheel alignment is a major safety component, and misalignment can impact how well your car slows down and brakes. It may be time to schedule a wheel alignment service; below are three ways to tell. 

Your vehicle pulls to one side. 

A vehicle with properly aligned wheels will drive forward, in a straight line, without you needing to manipulate the steering wheel. If there's a problem with alignment, your car will drift to one side of the road. The side that your car drifts to is usually the most affected. 

The steering wheel is shaking. 

If you drive down a straight road, the steering wheel should remain stable and easy to turn. If at any point your steering wheel starts vibrating, that's a sign that something is wrong. A misalignment is equivalent to your wheels trying to drive in two different directions. When you trust the experts, an alignment service is a simple and straightforward process. If your steering wheel is vibrating, it's time to schedule an inspection. 

The tires are wearing in an uneven pattern.

Bad alignment will always display itself in your tires. As you hit the road and tack on the miles, your car will naturally lose rubber and tread. Vehicles with healthy alignment will have tire tread that wears evenly across the entire tire. If the wheels are misaligned, one side of your tire will look new and the other will be worn. If you notice uneven tire tread, bring your car in so we can determine whether there's an issue with the alignment or balance. 

Wheel Alignment Service in Buda, TX

McSpadden's Tire and Automotive are the tire experts with three locations in Austin and one convenient location in Buda, TX. If you notice any of the above signs, bring your vehicle in! We service all vehicle makes and models, and currently, we're offering a free alignment check. In addition to a free alignment inspection, this fall, we are offering a computerized two-wheel alignment service for only $69.95. 

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