What are the Signs of Vehicle Engine Damage?

The engine is one of the most vital components of your vehicle. If you do find yourself having engine trouble, it is important to have the issue inspected and repaired as soon as possible to minimize the damage and repairs needed. Engine repairs can progressively become worse if ignored and some issues can actually lead to more problems over time. This is why it is so important to understand the signs of vehicle engine damage to catch faults early on to save yourself lots of time and money. 

So what are the signs of vehicle engine damage? Here are some symptoms to look out for that can indicate engine problems: 

  • This first tell-tale sign that your vehicle may have engine problems is seeing the check engine warning light illuminate on your dashboard. This is your vehicle's way of letting you know that it has detected an issue with a major component. Computer diagnostics will be required to understand the exact cause of the issue. 
  • A whining, grinding, or thumping noise coming from under the hood can indicate a faulty component within the engine and should never be ignored. 
  • An unusual smell such as rotten eggs, sweet syrup, gasoline, or burnt rubber can indicate engine trouble. 
  • If you notice smoke or steam coming from the engine, we recommend getting your vehicle into our shop as your earliest convenience.

All of the symptoms listed above can point to engine problems. If you are currently experiencing any of these issues or suspect that your vehicle may need an engine repair, give us a call here at McSpadden's Tire & Automotive today!