Your Vehicle's Fluids and Their Purposes

Your vehicle is a mechanical system of complex machinery that sustains optimal operation. The engine block, brake system, and overall electronic system are integrated and interconnected to ensure functionality.

A significant portion of this system operates through liquids, without which your vehicle will malfunction. It is not enough to have these fluids in your vehicle system but also at the right levels. These levels also help to identify potential problems with your car.

So, what exactly are these fluids and their purpose? Here is a breakdown of essential car fluids and their function.

Motor oil

Many automobile experts identify this as arguably the most vital fluid in your car. It keeps the engine's interior parts well lubricated, preventing damage from the heat and friction created by motion.

Drivers are advised to check manually or follow the oil life indicator on the instrument panel.

Brake fluid

The brake system compresses this liquid when you hit the brake pad transferring the hydraulic force to the brakes producing the friction needed to stop the car. Without this fluid, your brake system will malfunction, which is unsafe.


This fluid, also known as antifreeze, flows through the engine carrying the heat to the radiator. The engine needs cooling due to the combustion created to produce power. Make sure your grille and other air intakes are not blocked to optimize engine cooling through the coolant.

Power steering fluid

The ease of turning your car is determined by the state of the power steering fluid. You can view the level from outside of the reservoir. Over time the fluid gets contaminated, causing a decline in the power steering system.

Transmission fluid

There are several parts in a car that produce friction. This fluid lubricates these parts reducing friction and premature wear. Older cars use a dipstick to check this fluid quality and level, just like checking the oil. Some vehicles have sealed transmission that doesn't require checking for a lifetime.

To get a better understanding and fluid service, call us today or drive into our auto repair shop for professional help with all these essential fluids.