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Manual transmissions are more reliable than an automatic transmission; however they can still have problems. McSpadden's Tire & Automotive can service your vehicle in replacement of your clutch as well as clutch repairs. Stop and go traffic in Austin traffic can cause excessive wear and tear on your clutch. The stop and go at traffic lights can do a number on your clutch. Think how many times you shift during a single trip. It is a bunch! Does your car tend to jerk forward? Does it feel like it is slipping? Is it making a chattering or other strange noise? We will help get your clutch back in prime shifting shape!

McSpadden's Tire and Auto has several shops located around Austin for your convenience. Sometimes a clutch will get oil or other contaminations in it. We easily repair these problems and get you back moving. Your clutch cable or fork could be faulty. We have expertly trained technicians to service and replace your clutch parts.

Sometimes a replacement is not possible and you may need a new clutch installed. McSpadden's Tire & Automotive in Austin have you covered. We can replace any clutch on any type of vehicle you have, may it be either domestic or foreign. Our fast and friendly mechanics are there for you and ready to help out with whatever your problem may be! You can make an appointment online, you can give us a call, or drop by at one of our many shops in Austin!