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Emissions and Inspections are a part of every state's laws and Austin, TX. is no exception. Austin requires inspection and various tests to determine if the vehicle meets state and local vehicle safety and emission standards. McSpadden's Tire and Automotive offer these services. We have certified technicians waiting to assist you with your emissions and inspection needs.

Austin, TX residents must have yearly inspections and we will perform several tests on your vehicle to ensure they are safe for the roadways. Safety is a major concern for us and we provide you with this service to keep all of our families safe. You can call us, make an appointment online, or drive on by and we can get you back on the road fast with a quick inspection.

Should your car not pass our inspection? Don't worry, you are in good hands. We can repair the problems or you can take it somewhere else to get it repaired. Either way, bring it back to us when repaired and we will inspect it and not charge you for another inspection.

For a fast service bring in your license and registration. We also need proof of insurance. After gathering these documents, we will go through our quick inspection. This should take no longer than ten minutes.