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Drivers in Austin and beyond rely on many different car components to get from one part of Texas to another every day. Some components are simply more crucial than others, and the engine may be the most essential auto part of them all. Without a functional engine, your vehicle simply can’t take you from place to place. Even if your engine is working, it may not be living up to its full potential if it hasn’t received a recent professional service.

If you need a tune-up or more serious repairs in Austin, take your vehicle to your nearest McSpadden’s Tire & Automotive location right away. Whether your car won’t start at all, it’s running but makes odd sounds or starts jerking, or the check engine light is on, we can find the problem and get your car back in great shape right away.

When you bring your vehicle to McSpadden’s, our team of qualified technicians will provide trouble code diagnostics free of charge. Once that’s done, we’ll be able to fix whatever issue is plaguing your engine. If you need anything from a car tune-up to a complete engine rebuild, you can count on us to take care of your engine!

THE Importance of a Regular Car Tune-Up

Most Texas drivers don’t take their vehicles in for service unless they run into obvious problems. However, that’s not the best approach to take as a vehicle owner—after all, preventative maintenance can lower your risk of encountering these issues later on. When you make a point of getting a regular engine tune-up, you can increase your car’s lifespan while keeping the gas mileage and power right where they should be.

The services included in a car tune-up have changed over time. In the past (that is, before electronic timing became common in vehicles), this involved inspecting the spark plugs or wires, the distributor cap, and the rotor. The latter two components have been replaced in today’s cars, but getting engine tune-ups is still as crucial as ever.

While the details of tune-ups have changed, they are still meant to make sure that your car and its components stay in good shape for years to come. Here are a few of the services we can provide as part of your engine tune-up:

  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Spark plug or wire replacement
  • Rotor or distributor cap replacement
  • Ignition system or timing check
  • Valve adjustment
  • Gasket replacement
  • Belt replacement
  • Battery service
  • Engine fluid refill
  • Oil change
  • Air filter replacement
  • Clutch adjustment (in vehicles with manual transmissions)


Few things related to owning a vehicle are more intimidating than a warning light on your dashboard. One of the most prominent warning lights you’ll need to look out for is your car’s check engine light. The appearance of this light could change based on the type of vehicle you own—it could also read “check powertrain,” “service engine soon,” or simply “check” (accompanied by a picture of an engine). No matter what your light looks like, one thing’s for sure: Your car’s engine needs service from qualified professionals, and fast.

Taking the do-it-yourself route for engine service is a bad idea for all kinds of reasons, including the complexity of the job. Any one of these factors could cause your check engine light to activate:

  • Water in the engine
  • Loose gas cap
  • Spark plug wire failure
  • Faulty spark plugs or ignition coil
  • Oxygen sensor issues
  • High levels of pollutants or fuel consumption
  • Engine vacuum leakage
  • Catalytic converter problems
  • Issues with the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve

Fortunately, it’s easy for the pros at McSpadden’s Tire & Automotive to figure out what your problem is. We can find your diagnostic trouble code and get information about the issue straight from your car’s computer using our electronic diagnostic tools. Instead of ignoring your check engine light and risking the possibility of large-scale damage, bring your vehicle to one of our Austin-area locations as soon as possible!

What to Do When Your Car Leaves You Stranded

A check engine light can be inconvenient, but it’s far from the worst thing you might have to deal with while driving in Austin. As too many motorists know, it’s possible for your car’s engine to stop working while you’re driving. That means you could find yourself stranded on the side of a hot Texas road.

If you get into a situation like this, your first move should be to call McSpadden’s Tire & Automotive for help. Our crew members understand how inconvenient this can be, so we’d be happy to give you a lift. When we get your vehicle back to our closest Austin-area shop, we’ll get to work so that you can hit the road again soon.

Don’t Let Just Any Technician Work on Your Vehicle

One of Texas’s largest urban areas, Austin has countless auto shops for residents to choose from. That can be helpful in some ways, but it also makes choosing an auto shop a mind-bogglingly complicated task. Making matters worse, picking the wrong shop could create major expenses without solving your engine problems at all.

To narrow down your auto service options, focus on what really matters: the qualifications of a shop’s technicians. At McSpadden’s Tire & Automotive, all of our technicians are ASE-certified. Your next engine tune-up will be handled by Austin’s most experienced and talented automotive experts. You’ll also appreciate the high level of professionalism provided by our staff during the process of getting your engine repaired.

The team at McSpadden’s can work on any type of automobile engine. Whether your Austin-area vehicle is foreign or domestic, you’ll be in good hands when you choose us to fix your engine troubles. If you simply need a basic repair, we’ll get it done as quickly as we can. If you need a more in-depth engine service, we’ll talk to you about the process to help you understand what’s going on—and how much you can expect it to cost. Countless Austin residents trust McSpadden’s to handle their car service needs, and when you take all these factors into account, it’s not hard to understand why!

Save Big on Engine Repairs

Scheduling a tune-up is a fact of life, but any sort of unexpected auto repair can be an unwelcome surprise. That’s mainly due to the fact that car repair jobs can be expensive, throwing a wrench into your budget-planning efforts.

While the team at McSpadden’s can’t eliminate the costs of keeping your vehicle up and running, we can help you in other ways. First of all, we make a point of charging fair rates for every one of our services in Austin—engine tune-ups included. Along with that, we’re proud to offer a wide selection of specials to our customers, not to mention our six-month zero-percent financing. Finally, we extend additional discounts to:

  • Active and retired military members
  • Teachers
  • Emergency service personnel
  • Police officers and firefighters
  • Dell employees

Explore Our Other Services

The technicians at McSpadden’s Tire & Automotive excel at repairing engines, but that isn’t the only automotive service we provide. We offer Austin’s most comprehensive selection of auto maintenance and repair services, such as:

  • Air conditioning repair
  • Brake repair
  • Clutch repair
  • Radiator repair
  • Transmission repair
  • Automotive diagnostics
  • Oil change
  • Battery service
  • Scheduled maintenance

If you need any of these services—or any other car-related service, for that matter—getting started is simple. Set up your next appointment for Austin-area vehicle repairs online! Alternatively, you can call any of our locations to schedule a new appointment.