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Radiator Repair & Replacements | McSpadden's Tire & Automotive

Radiators are very crucial to your cars cooling system. Overtime radiators can begin to leak, hoses can break, caps can become worn, or they can sometimes break completely. McSpadden's Tire & Automotive can help you with all of your radiator repair and replacements. We offer free estimates and can help you in determining if you need a new radiator or just a repair.

Radiators can become damaged over time with wear and tear. We use our cars a lot to get around Austin and the surrounding areas. With all of the driving we do, it is no surprise that little repairs can pop up. Many times if you notice a pool of coolant under your car, or you notice your coolant level going down slowly, it is just a hose. Your hose may have become dislodged or may have a crack. McSpadden's Tire & Automotive can get those replaced for you quickly. Has your check engine light been coming on? It could be as simple as replacing your radiator cap. We offer free trouble code checking.

Sometimes even after checking the hoses and the cap, there is still a problem. Has your car started to run hot? You may need a new radiator. Austin has some really hot weather in the summer and we know you don't want to be stuck outside with an overheated vehicle. We will give you a free estimate and get you running again!