Timing Belt Repair

Timing Belt Replacement

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Timing Belt

Many people have no idea what a timing belt really does or how it works. Timing belts control the timing of your engine's valves. Certain engines can be ruined when a timing belt snaps. It is very important that with regular maintenance on your vehicle that your timing belt is checked. Your manual has a recommended number of miles to replace your timing belt. You should do so before this, to ensure you are not left on the side of one of Austin's many roads.

McSpadden's Tire and Automotive of Austin, Tx. offer many services for the well being of you and your vehicle. Timing belts are a very important part of your vehicle. It is tricky, because many times the timing belt does not give a warning before going out. Sometimes your cars check engine light will come on; many times we ignore these lights. We offer fast free services and will check your engine light to see what the problem is. Please do not wait till you are left on the side of the road.

McSpadden's Tire and Automotive can quickly perform a basic maintenance on your vehicle and replace your timing belt early on to ensure it keeps on ticking for many more miles to come. Our technicians are experts and they can easily replace your timing belt. Austin is a big city and we would not want you to become stranded. We offer many specials and discounts so stop by today and see what we can do for you!