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Austin and Buda Transmission Repair | McSpadden's Tire & Automotive

The transmission is one of the most important and complicated parts of your truck or car. Our certified technicians can expertly troubleshoot your vehicle to make sure the problem is really your transmission and not some other underlying problem. McSpadden's Tire and Automotive has been servicing the Austin area for over 15 years. We take pride in our work and we will repair or replace your transmission with the best of quality.

Both automatic and manual transmissions can have problems. Transmissions have many early warning signs. Is your manual transmission making strange noises when in neutral or when you shift? It could be the transmission or it could be another minor repair, either way, it is smart to check it out early on to avoid replacing the whole transmission. Is your car randomly popping out of gear? This could be an easy repair to your transmission. Do you smell something that is burning? This too could be an early warning sign of transmission fluid burning off. Automatic transmissions may have strange noises when your car is accelerating.

It is very important to get any noises or strange smells checked out by a certified mechanic. We don't want you stranded on one of Austin's many highways with a transmission that has gone out. If this does happen, we offer towing to all of our Austin area shops. No matter if you need a new or rebuilt transmission; McSpadden's Tire & Automotive can ensure you the quality service you need.